Leave No Trace Hiking Boot Print Sticker

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Tread lightly, leave no trace! These die cut vinyl stickers are a simple yet bold reminder for hikers, mountaineers, and anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors. Inspired by a classic vintage public service announcement, these waterproof boot print decals are a great reminder to camp responsibly, respect the beauty of the great outdoors, and leave our public lands better than when we arrived. Display these Leave No Trace decals on your water bottle, laptop, or cooler. Stick them on your RV camper, car bumper, motorcycle helmet, or truck window. Dimensions: 3.7" high x 1.6" wide. Leave No Trace sticker is the left foot hiking boot print, Tread Lightly sticker is the right foot hiking boot print. Die cut waterproof UV laminated vinyl designed to endure many years of travel and use indoors and outdoors. Made in Idaho.


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